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Donation to Students

One hundred and fifteen pizzas were delivered yesterday (Wednesday, 25 March 2020) to the residents and staff of one of the isolation facilities set aside by the government for returning students.

The donation, made by Domino’s Pizza, was a welcome addition to the additional food provisions for all those self-isolating for 14 days, in keeping with local coronavirus precautionary protocols.

Commenting on the contribution on the first evening of the COVID-19-related extended curfew, Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin said: “I really appreciate this generous donation made by Domino’s, it’s a great example of the Caymankind spirit that’s needed right now.”

“The company’s management approached the government and their offer was processed by the Portfolio of the Civil Service. This kind gesture was to support students at the facility. The Department of Children and Family Services with the assistance of community volunteers and other government staff are maintaining a supervisory presence at the hotel.”

“This level of civic care and compassion is just what is needed. As a community we all need to look out for each other,” Mr. McLaughlin added.

For further information contact: Elphina Jones


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