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The Department of Children & Family Services

Building and safeguarding our community 

Empower | Collaborate | Support | Advocate

Our Vision

Envision a safe, caring, nurturing and supportive environment for children, families, older persons and all members of the community.



Our Mission

The Department of Children and Family Services protects and promotes the rights and welfare of children and families through the use of preventative interventions, education, advocacy and community–based program that serve to strengthen family bonds and build stronger communities.  

Our Staff

The Department is led by the Director and Deputy Director (Clinical Services) and comprises:

  • Resident Care Supervisors (Registered Nurses) and Workers  - based in residential care homes in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac

  • Social Workers

  • Senior Social Workers

  • Social Work Managers  

  • Administrative & Finance Staff

Happy Family

Office Hours

Grand Cayman 
8:30AM – 5:00PM

Monday to Friday 

+1 (345) 949-0290

Cayman Brac 
8:30AM – 5:00PM

Monday to Friday 

+1 (345) 948-2331

+1 (345) 948-2332

DCFS Director

 Paulinda Mendoza-Williams

Freedom of

Information Manager 

Davin Barrett

Man with Grandsons


P: (345) 949-0290
F: (345) 949-4167

The Department of Children & Family Services holds firmly to the belief that our service users are the focus of our services, our planning and how we measure our success. Positive feedback helps DCFS to develop and refine its services. 

However, as with any service agency, customers often have the need to submit suggestions on how services can be improved and enhanced. The Department acknowledges that effective complaint handling is an integral part of good customer service.


You can submit feedback, suggestions or a complaint:

  •  In person at the Department of Children & Family Services

  • In writing to the Director, using our standard mailing address or hand delivered to the DCFS office.

  • By phone  (345) 949-0290

  • By email to


When filing a complaint, try to give us as much detail as possible:

  • For example: what service, policy, person or aspect of the Department is applicable to the complaint.

  • If appropriate, the date, time and location where an incident may have taken place and who may have been affected.

  • Any expectations of the Department’s services, as a result of information we provided to you, or statements made to you by staff or the Department.

  • Your name, address and contact details so that we can respond to your complaint.

  • Anything else which you think would help to make your point and help us to investigate your concerns.




Freedom of Information (FOI)

P: (345) 949-0290



Freedom of Information Manager 

Davin Barrett 

The Freedom of Information Act (2007) gives the public a general right of access to all types of records held by Cayman's public authorities, with some exceptions. If you wish to make a request for information you may visit the DCFS office to complete an FOI Request Form or complete this Online FOI Request Form and submit it by email to the FOI Manager at

We will respond to your request promptly. The Law requires public authorities to respond within 30 calendar days, allowing an extension of an additional 30 calendar days if needed. We will always acknowledge receipt of FOI requests made to the Information Manager and we will let you know if we need to extend the deadline.  

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