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Child Month Swings into Action

May’s Child Month will celebrate the importance of childhood across the Cayman Islands with diverse events to empower youth and children.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) theme for this year’s observance is My C.A.P.E – Challenges are Passable for Everyone. The theme reminds children and adults that while circumstances surrounding the pandemic have been especially trying for young people, they have numerous resources to help them through.

“The COVID pandemic and the unforeseen changes it has caused have been particularly trying for children who thrive on stability and routine. Social work professionals in our department, in schools, hospitals and the private sector have noticed anxiety-related issues amongst the young which are directly related to these challenging times,” said DCFS Deputy Director, Mr. Rayle Roberts.

“Many children and families have already taken the initiative and sought help brought on by or exacerbated by the pandemic. We encourage others to also draw on the available community tools and resources - to help them resolve disputes and personal problems. The DCFS, the Department of Counselling Services and non-governmental agencies are geared up to support them,” he added.

“My C.A.P.E calls on the community, policymakers, educators, caregivers and children to help support and celebrate the “superhero” potential of young people,” the Deputy Director concluded.

Child Month 2021 promises to be an active observance with more than 22 events planned by DCFS and partner agencies.

DCFS Child Month Coordinator, Mrs Belinda Gordon said: “We’ve created an inclusive and representative Child Month calendar with children, youth and inter-generational events planned.”

“DCFS has the opportunity during Child Month to focus not only on the needs and services for children but to celebrate the importance of childhood,” she added.

With other events for families like Talent Under the Stars at Pedro St. James to smaller gatherings like primary schools’ Snuggle and Read literacy evenings, it is hoped that each stakeholder can attend at least two events in May.

The department will use Child Month to promote various child-focused services as well as manning a pop-up information kiosk at Foster’s Airport location. The Foster Care team also invites those interested in learning more about foster care to attend its weekly informal drop-in sessions, which will be announced later.

To learn more about May’s Child Month events, visit the DCFS Facebook page -> or call DCFS at 949-0290.


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