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Youth Services

The Youth Services Team empowers young people through holistic intervention such as counselling, skill building, advocacy and referral to the appropriate therapeutic interventions to create opportunities and foster personal development.

Clientele: Youth ages 13-17

The Youth Services Team:

  • Creates opportunities for each young person to reach their full potential through their own natural talents.

  • Fosters overall development in numerous areas of their lives so that they can become productive, community-minded adults.

  • Provides conditions intended to reduce delinquency and therefore, increase community safety.

We provide:

  • Prosocial counselling and motivation for youth

  • Court attendance for  youth advocacy

  • Social Inquiry, Youth Court and Victim Impact Reports to the courts.

  • Coordination of multidisciplinary conferences to jointly assess the needs of service users

  • Supervision and monitoring of youth on Probation, Community Service, Rehabilitation and Conditional Release Orders.

  • Recommendations for placement, and subsequent monitoring, of youth in facilities (Bonaventure Boys Home & Frances Bodden Children’s Home)

  • Advocacy regarding therapeutic services, health insurance, education, and mentorship.

  • Youth Diversion Programme

  • Coordination of activities for International Youth Day

Youths are referred to the Youth Services Team by the MASH, Police and the Court.

Activities & Programmes

Youth Diversion Program (YDP)

The Youth Services Team delivers the Youth Diversion Programme which provides a choice of fun and therapeutic activities, while building confidence and relationships, to develop self-esteem and anxiety management.

Along with peers, programme participants experience a level of freedom to take risks in a self-directed learning environment. The YDP is a closed group, offered we are able to fill a cohort based on demand.   


The components of the Youth Diversion Programme are:

  • Social Enrichment

  • Anger Management

  • Life Skills

  • Drug Education

  • Structured Psychotherapy  for Adolescents Responding to  Chronic Stress (SPARCS)


Children & Youth Resources

MASH Referal Form

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